Wedding Weekend to Remember!!

Whew, we have been busy folks!! Although I do not post all events on here, I ALWAYS feel SO blessed that we get to be a small part of the beginning of newlyweds lives together. It seriously is the best job in the world seeing loved ones come together in a couples life and celebrate their union!! Often times, its hard to believe I have been involved in photographing events like this for the past 13 years!! Where has the time gone?!? Times have changed, coworkers, technology has evolved, but my love for people has remained strong over these years… I am honored to be a part of your special day!

This past weekend was a great one for the books! We had two very special weddings, and I wanted to share a glimpse into what we experienced… Enjoy!

At Hound Ears Club, this is what went down with Ashley and Franklin’s Wedding Reception…


And the next evening, at Overlook Barn, Kaley and Connor’s Wedding Reception was off the hook…

Give a shout today if you are interested in reserving Boone Photo Booth for your amazing celebration! We are currently booking for 2019… (828)278-9436


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